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pacchetto Tesori affondati e misteri dell fondo marino.
pacchetto Tesori affondati e misteri dell fondo marino.
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Exploring Cuba - 7 notte(i) con parecchi opzioni di sistemazione
"Exploring Eastern Cuba"
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Durata:  8 giorni/7 notti
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Eastern Cuba is one of the areas still to be discovered by the mayority of those who plan their holidays in this beautiful country, although it has some of the nation's most

impressive cities: Santiago de Cuba, the second most important city in the country and by far the most Caribbean, Baracoa, the first city to be founded during the Spanish

colonization, and Holguín, the country's third city with its spectacular Guardalavaca beach. This programme combines their specific atmosphere with the natural attractions

of these parts. We are pleased to invite you to discover eastern Cuba.

Day 1: Arrival at Antonio Maceo International Airport, Santiago de Cuba. Transfer to either Hotel San Juan or Las Américas. Check-in. Dinner. Evening free.

Day 2: Breakfast. Tour of the center, including visits ti the Rum house, the Céspedes Park, Enramada Street and other interesting parts. Visit to the Castle San Pedro de la

Roca, World Heritage Site. Lunch at El Morro restaurant. Departure to Baconao Park Biosphere Reserve. Visit to the Valle de la Prehistoria (with a collection of life-sized

stone reproductions of animals from the Jurassic era), the aquarium and Baconao Laguna. Return to the hotel. Dinner. Evening free.

Day 3: Breakfast. Transfer to the Gran Piedra Natural Park. Visit to the Mirador Natural, look-out point situated at 1234 meters above sea level on top of an enormous 75,

000 ton weighing rock. Visit to the Botanical Garden and the remains of the Isabelica coffee plantation. Visit to the plantation's museum. Check-in at Motel Gran Piedra.

Lunch. Free afternoon. Dinner. Evening free.

Day 4: Breakfast. Transfer to Baracoa, the first city to be founded in Cuba. Lunch-stop at the Malones Mirador, the look-out point closest to the US Naval Base of

Guantánamo. Check-in at either Hotel Porto Santo or El Castillo, Baracoa. Dinner. Evening free.

Day 5: Breakfast. Tour of the city of Baracoa, including visits to the Matachín Museum, the cathedral, home of the famous Cruz de Parra that historians believe was brought

to Cuba by Colombus, and the banks of the Toa river, the most watery of the country. Creole style lunch on site. Return to the hotel. Dinner. Evening free..

Day 6: Breakfast. Departure to Guardalavaca to enjoy a day at the beach. Lunch at Aldea Taína, the architecture of which brings to memory the building constructions of the

first native inhabitants of the island. Transfer to the city of Holguín. Check-in at Hotel El Bosque. Dinner. Evening free.

Day 7: Breakfast

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